Friday, 31 July 2009

singapore sling

Far away, in a place where indie kids play wisely with each other, My Writes are to blame for nurturing the twee spirit. Gorgeous melodies, heartfelt confessions, graceful stage presence and the package is ready to get exported from Singapore. Having previously released an EP ("Peace, green lollipop" - 2006), My Writes now proudly present their debut "It's Okay, I'm with the band". Guys.. Im 100% with you.

Wednesday, 29 July 2009

the camera loves me

The Hidden Cameras are back and I’m more than thrilled. I have definitely missed Joel Gibb’s twisted “gay church folk music” and now its time for some good recharging. The fifth album is titled “Origin:Orphan”, its out on 22/9 (label: Arts & Crafts) and from what I’ve heard until now it kinda makes sense in a more dark synth way. First single “In The NA” comes with a cool video. Turn the volume on.

Monday, 27 July 2009

en melodie

Glancing at the American/French minimal synth scene, Automelodi come as an exceptional suggestion. Xavier Paradis -ex Arnaud Lazlaud- takes pride in hailing from Montreal, conveys segments of romance and melancholy in an extravagant introvert manner and brings a small present within his pocket. Automelodi show they’ve done their homework or… to paraphrase this in their language, ils ont “fait ses courses”. Their white EP is ready to take us by storm.

Saturday, 25 July 2009

he is star.. starcrazy

Stars are my fetish. I draw them on my skin and they immediately gain life. Stars in Coma were born in Sweden. André Brorsson, the group’s soul, produces and creates music non-stop, makes alliance with labels like Music Is My Girlfriend or Plastilina and is responsible for a major pop track called “Amelie”. The new album "Sisters" is out, with guest appearances from Linda Anderson (formely known as Elfi) and Alexis Hall (from The Motifs). Starcrazy? Yes and we love it.

Wednesday, 22 July 2009

really like to see you again.

The song in the vid below is probably the best song Ive heard in 2009. Perhaps I exaggerate a bit but this tune is so damn haunting I almost feel a victim of its beauty. Thieves Like Us alter their face, forget the Kitsune electro past, close the doors to the italo disco parties and prove once more that melody is what really music is about. Thieves Like Us have a new EP out. and a new record. and a new heart.

candy bar 22/7/09

You can download this week's show here >>

Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Hans Christian Andersen... read me a fairytale.

Once upon a time, there were two children growing up happily in Arhus, Denmark. They met at a summer school, wasted massive amounts of time chatting over music and finally formed Bodebrixen. Aske Bode and Andreas Brixen cherish swedish pop, make true love statements, pay a tribute to Jim Jarmusch and use a bunch of instruments.. from bongos and synths to trumpets and saxophones. Their debut got released a year ago [on the danish indie label, Good Tape Records] but it surely didn't get the value that it deserved. “Keychain” is an absolute pop anthem and should be credited as such.

Sunday, 19 July 2009

songs for the jet set

Spanish pop is often so twee it can be irritating. Not to me! Cola Jet Set are fully conscious of what true indie pop is about and they take it to the extreme… shinny bright colours, stripy vintage dresses, retro nerdy attitude, modern psychedelic pop with 60s soul influences. They are one of the lucky bands that will play Indietracks next weekend (it hurts to just even write this). Cola Jet Set have their second album "Guitarras y Tambores" out now on the most lovely elefant records.

ps. On a second note, I wish I knew spanish, but as I’m just a human with certain (admittedly very few) flaws, I DON'T! I can easily pretend I understand the lyrics but... I'd be thrilled if you guys added some more english on your myspace/ page!

Friday, 17 July 2009

toys & candies

Candy is my kind of word. The reasons are apparent. I live in my own candybox and whatever I do I make it so sweet that I end up suffering from severe toothaches. San Francisco-based duo, Boy in Static, do not create such over-the-top sweet music, however they choose to name their last record "Candy Cigarette". Having met at a Notwist gig, Chen and Ross return this year to elegantly mix 60s toy pianos with 80s synth machines and 40s crooner vocals. Detail! They clap their hands together with Marc Bianchi (Her Space Holiday), Liz Enthusiasm (Freezepop) and Ulrich Schnauss. Both of the videos below are exquisite for completely different reasons.

Thursday, 16 July 2009

My favorite colour is RED.

Montreal is a place still breathing under the shadow of the 2005 guitar hype. Back then, the city was tagged as "the new Great Britain". Now, its still going on with a vibrant music scene but luckily we got some more variety on top. Le Couleur play lovely FF indie/electro pop (FF= french lyrics + female vocals = killer combination). They shamelessly talk about a girl, draw her angles and flirt with her in their own little way. "La Fille" is their new colourful single.

Wednesday, 15 July 2009

This is Pop This is Pop This is Pop

MAYBE This is Pop arent really pop as they lean towards more punk-ish lines, however their name rocks and their music rocks even better. Think Kap Bambino, think Fox n Wolf masques, think Tour Eiffel, think connection with The Victorian English Gentlemen Club, think guitars and synths blended together with female semi screams. I can hear sth.. and this is France finally starting to wake up.

Tuesday, 14 July 2009

looking at you, Juni.. is like looking at the sun

Stockhom has been my dreamplace for quite a long time now. This time we are introduced to sby who suits summer cocktails perfectly. He sounds a bit like Jens Lekman, has the most perfect haircut, sings on an ideal love boat and easily turns into my new swedish idol. Juni Jarvi is about to ask "Have I ever told you I love you?" but till then.. he's got a new sunny single out, ready for free downloading!

candy bar online!

My radio show CANDY BAR has finally got itself a little brother..! This will mainly be an indie popp-ish blog (scandinavian pop, international pop, j-pop etc.) with exciting new and older selections, news, videos, interviews and anything else that will make me feel nice and happy. I will also upload every week my radio show which is broadcast on (wednesdays 20:00-22:00 -GMT+2]. This is a Greek blog with a strong passion for indie pop music!!!