Sunday, 13 February 2011

page 8

My world is made of lollipops, red balloons and nerdy striped t-shirts. My heart is twee and that’s why I'm a sucker for long picnics or plastic earrings. Le Page is a Greek band; in fact they are the only twee band in Greece right now. A boy and a girl who, apart from being two little sweethearts, are wonderful people and lovely musicians. Tony and Terpsichori joined forces in 2007 inspired by 50s aesthetics, old movies and the folky guitar of Adam Green. Their debut “Yojikevin” is true to their vision and colourful stories and is out now on their own label (Bantha Records) with the cutest artwork. Love it.

Monday, 7 February 2011

silver bears

Bears are cruel beasts. They are huge and they roar and they eat poor little penguins. Yet, once they turn gold they get gentle and soft and caring. Gold-Bears are living under the umbrella of Magic Marker, Cloudberry and Slumberland and that can only work in favor of them. A twee punk band from Atlanta, Georgia that shares the same taste with the likes of Boyracer, Huggy Bear, Rocketship and Neutral Milk Hotel. First 7-inch "Tally" was introduced as a jangly pop gem, while new 7inch is now out! Cant wait for the debut coming out this spring.

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

brilliant patterns

Colors are getting brighter this season. Neon and pink and yellow are all over the place and inside my wardrobe. Brilliant Colors are a San Francisco girl band who follow that trend and have been around for a few years. With a punk background and a love for dreamy C-86, those girls know how to scratch their guitars and have a good time on stage. Following up two sold-out singles (on Make A Mess and Captured Tracks) they landed their debut album in 2009 while recently released a wonderful split 7″ with Girls Names from Ireland. Check it out on Slumberland and feel the colors.