Wednesday, 22 July 2009

really like to see you again.

The song in the vid below is probably the best song Ive heard in 2009. Perhaps I exaggerate a bit but this tune is so damn haunting I almost feel a victim of its beauty. Thieves Like Us alter their face, forget the Kitsune electro past, close the doors to the italo disco parties and prove once more that melody is what really music is about. Thieves Like Us have a new EP out. and a new record. and a new heart.


  1. Απίστευτο κομμάτι, γουστάρω τρελά Thieves Like Us... και δεν φταίει μόνο το όνομα τους!!!!!!

  2. ontws einai teleio.. to exw valei on repeat na paizei! :D