Monday, 24 January 2011

white stars

Stars are everywhere. You can spot them on little envelopes, inside poetry pages or on the surface of a red table cloth. Based in Canada, Shimmering Stars have been around for only a year and are inspired by the smell of anxiety, the sound of anti-socialness and the taste of Everly Brothers. They say they are eager to share their nasty thoughts and that can only be a good thing. First 7" "East Van girls/I'm gonna try" is out on the limited edition of 500 units. Star Addiction.

Thursday, 20 January 2011

the hot flow

Arctic Monkeys are not my cup of tea. Τhe Arctic Flow, on the other hand, are so tender and dreamy that have almost stolen my heart. Brian Hancheck could live in Iceland but instead chooses to shout his words from South Carolina. Think of Slowdive, Chapterhouse, The Cocteau Twins or even Wild Nothing and you’re on the right path. New digital 4-track album is free to download from the band’s website. "December Morning" (which is basically a re-release of some older stuff) will bring light and warmth and much less cold to our hearts.

Monday, 3 January 2011

red fence

Tim Presley is hiding behind the fence. He wears a big hat and white american shorts that match perfectly with his lo-fi attitude. He shortly drops the mic from Darker My Love where he presents himself as the lead singer, and creates a psychedelic pop bubble of his own through the project of White Fence. Self-titled LP is released through San Francisco’s Make a Mess Records (Grass Widow, Brilliant Colors). Cute.