Tuesday, 17 November 2009

mornington crescent tube

Coming across bedroom pop bands from the land of Sweden is not a remarkable discovery. Yet often the strictly romantic face that is incorporated in a sensitive genre such as indie pop is simply and effectively charming. Elizabeth and Stefan is a band in love, first with each other and then with anything evoking sunny memories from the likes of Even As We Speak and Heavenly. I reckon their name is a smart reference to the Belle & Sebastian song (from “The Life Pursuit” album), but maybe the duo just likes to wander around the streets of Camden Town in London, down to Mornington Crescent street. First release was a split 3" cd single, issued by cloudberry and now it's time for their first EP; “Corners” is out on the Peruvian label Susy Records (limited edition consisting of 100 numbered copies). Song "Seventeen" is a pop delight.


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