Friday, 17 July 2009

toys & candies

Candy is my kind of word. The reasons are apparent. I live in my own candybox and whatever I do I make it so sweet that I end up suffering from severe toothaches. San Francisco-based duo, Boy in Static, do not create such over-the-top sweet music, however they choose to name their last record "Candy Cigarette". Having met at a Notwist gig, Chen and Ross return this year to elegantly mix 60s toy pianos with 80s synth machines and 40s crooner vocals. Detail! They clap their hands together with Marc Bianchi (Her Space Holiday), Liz Enthusiasm (Freezepop) and Ulrich Schnauss. Both of the videos below are exquisite for completely different reasons.


  1. nice blog, thanks for your comment.

  2. cheers. and by the way, The Pains' album is my favorite too for 2009 :)

  3. Τι ευχάριστη έκπληξη!!! Και τι υπέροχο blog!!!
    Καιρους και ζαμάνια... με τους Drums έχω φάει γερό κολληματάκι, έχεις τσεκάρει τι διαμαντάκια βγαζει και χαρίζει η Holiday Records?

  4. malddim, thank you!! :D
    nai tsekarw sixna to site tis holiday, exei fovera pragmatakia (iperoxoi oi girl alliance)
    zpi hey ki apo edw :)

  5. is english your second mother tongue? cos it's perfect! i envy you :)