Sunday, 26 June 2011


Brooklyn never seizes to amaze me. A fertile music scene full of giant numbers, colourful chalks and a bunch of indie pop tunes given in different forms and shapes. Andrew Pierce (of The New Rags and Nouvellas) and Sable Yong (of Year of the Tiger) form the new band of Chalk and Numbers... who love dots, playgrounds and unique 60s pop sounds. You can download for free their first EP, "He Knew", from their official website. Good stuff.

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  1. γεια...
    βρηκα τυχαια τη δουλεια των Mikrofisch σε ενα blog που ασχολειται με italo-disco και απλα χαρακτηριζει το συγκεκριμενο κομματι ως new italo-gem ...παρ'ολα αυτα ειναι "οτι πρεπει" ακομα κι αν ηταν death metal...