Sunday, 6 September 2009

put the cart before the horse.

Horses and shoes are two incompatible subjects, yet Drew Diver and Jacob Graham seem to have found their magic spot. The NY band ascribe their taste to the likes of Blueboy, Embassy and Legends and this makes it impossible not to long for their sound. Lyrically, they opt for childhood summers and heartbroken teenagers, hence complying with the inviolable rules of shimmering pop music. They got off the ground with single “I wish I meant more to you” [a pretty Field Mice cover, free MP3 from the excellent Holiday Records site] and now the main dish is served… first release “The Imperial School” EP is out from (my dearest) Shelflife Records September 22. Oh. They are also best mates with The Drums. which is pretty cool.

[no video for Horse Shoes!]

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