Sunday, 22 January 2012

kisses out of fashion?

Every blog has its own heroes. And Candy Bar's choice are Mikrofisch. I have written about them before, so they are officially the first band that land on the blog twice. Honestly, I love them. Cause they are postmodern, trash, pop, naïve, disco, witty, underground, twee. In fact, they are a cupcake transformed into music. In order to celebrate their anniversary, Mikrofisch released a few months ago synthpop EP Morning Bus '11, which features two covers (by Primitives and Sudeten Creche) and two original songs. Download it for free from their online label Kinokoma. And get addicted.

Sunday, 8 January 2012


Swedish clouds are brighter and much more eccentric. They form weird shapes and they fly in the sky sending messages about pop music. Klifton Filente is basically the solo project of Jonas Lundvall, a guy who lives in Gothenburg. He has released two EPs and the album “Common Ground” while in Nov 2011 he released second album “Breaking the Clouds”. The music is a bit folky, a bit indie, a bit retro poppy but most of all is the right music for winter nights next to a fireplace. You can download the album for free, oh yeah.