Monday, 24 March 2014

Teen Daze interview


Beautiful dreamy music is hard to be found, especially if that comes out of the dark Vancouver forests. Jamison who goes by the alias Teen Daze is always busy creating his own introvert, witty sounds or remixing others' tracks.. still, a few days ago he took a break and therefore, told me this story.

You make dreamy elegant ambient pop music .. would you use these words for your music?
Those are definitely the types of words I would use to describe it, but describing my music is not the sort of practice I find myself doing very often. I try to make something that's an honest representation of who I am as a person, and however it's labeled or described is up to the listener. Getting too caught up in descriptions and genres is always a limitation.

You are quite prolific as an artist. How has the writing and recording process evolved throughout your albums?
I've learned a lot about patience through my writing and recording process, on lots of different levels. Patience in the sense that I've learned to not every consider a song to be "finished", just because I've finished working on it for a certain amount of time. I used to "finish" a song and then move on to the next one immediately. Now, I like to revisit things that I've worked on in the past and try to get it to the best possible version that it can be. Also, the process of releasing an album has taught me a lot about patience. I used to just post music as soon as I finished it, but I've really learned the virtue of waiting and editing, and making sure that a song/album is truly ready to be released at the proper time.

Your last album "Glacier" was released in October. You mention that "it is a collection of moments, historical particles and physical experiences, gathered into a whole." Could you explain? Do you feel you are moving towards a more experimental introvert music path?
I was really inspired by the works of Phil Elverum in the creation of Glacier, and I've found that he does an amazing job of synthesizing what could be considered mundane experiences (walking in the woods, for example) into these incredible, existential pieces of art. So with Glacier, I wanted to take this icy world that I imagined in my head, the feeling of being isolated in winter, and create a soundtrack for it. I love the recording age we live in because it does allow for so much introverted experimentation. If I have a musical idea, or theory, I can immediately put it into practice through my home recording set up.

In what ways has Vancouver influenced your music?
The nature has been the biggest impact. From where I live, I can be lost in pretty dense forest in a matter of kilometers. I'm close to lots of lakes, mountains and open spaces, and I've found that those aspects of living on the west coast has made the biggest impact on my creative output.

How is the music scene there right now?
I'm really into Vancouver electronic music right now. There's two amazing labels (1080p and Mood Hut) who are doing incredible things. Cyril Hahn and Pender Street Steppers are two of my favourite locals. Both creating really beautiful, melodic, house-inspired tunes.

Is there a certain type/genre of music that you are most interested in currently?
I've found myself listening to lots of really mellow, melodic house music lately, like Cyril and PSS as I just mentioned. Also Leon Vynehall, Fort Romeau, and Todd Terje have been staples.

Have you been to Athens before? any expectations?
I haven't, but I'm really excited! If I have time, I would LOVE to visit the Acropolis and the Parthenon. Both are such huge monoliths of an older time. Hopefully they're not too touristy at this point ;)

Ive read in an interview that you love making breakfast sandwiches. if i asked you to make me one, what would that be?
I do! So, here's how a normal breakfast sandwich looks to me: Multi-grain bagel (toasted), with three strips of bacon, two eggs (cooked over-medium) and a slice of cheddar cheese. I usually stick with that formula, but I'm always up for new interpretations!

Teen Daze play six dogs (athens) sunday 30 march.

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