Monday, 20 December 2010

best albums 2010

1. The Drums – The Drums
2. Radio Dept. – Clinging to a Scheme
3. Best Coast – Crazy for You
4. Wild Nothing – Gemini
5. The Magnetic Fields – Realism
6. Math and Physics Club – I shouldn’t look as Good as I do
7. The Electric Pop Group – Seconds
8. Allo Darlin’ – Allo Darlin’
9. Northern Portrait – Criminal Art Lovers
10. Darren Hayman & The Secondary Modern – Essex Arms
11. Teenage Fanclub – Shadows
12. Stars in Coma – And The Cloud Withdrew From The Sky
13. Soda Fountain Rag – Reel Around Me
14. Belle & Sebastian – Write about Love
15. Sambassadeur – European
16. The Hi-Life Companion – Say Hi!
17. Darren Hanlon – I will Love you at all
18. Trembling Blue Stars – Fast trains and telegraph wires
19. The Mare – I’m so happy
20. CEO- White Magic
21. Lucky Soul – A Coming of Age
22. Le Futur Pompiste – Le Futur Pompiste
23. The Orchids – The Lost Star
24. The School – Loveless Unbeliever
25. The Vaselines – Sex with an X
26. Eux Autres – Broken Bow
27. The Depreciation Guild – Spirit Youth
28. Standard Fare – The Noyelle Beat
29. Horowitz – Popkids of the World Unite
30. Twig – Hourglass


  1. 0. Beach House - Teen Dream

  2. I agree with your year-end list more than any other I've seen. :)

    These made my best of 2010 as well:

    Allo Darlin’, Le Futur Pompiste, The Orchids, Sambassadeur, The School, Soda Fountain Rag, Teenage Fanclub, Trembling Blue Stars, The Vaselines.

    May I recommend some more favs you might like?

    TENDER TRAP - Dansette Dansette

    (band includes Elizabeth from Allo Darlin' and of course the great Amelia Fletcher - album is inspired by that classic 60s girl-group sound, but noisier and with some pretty funny lyrics :))

    THE CAVALCADE - Many Moons

    (they've been compared to Sarah Records a lot - and it's true! Specifically the sad and sensitive side of Sarah... lots of songs about heartbreak and rain. :))

    MIGHTY CLOUDS - Mighty Clouds

    (duo from Saturday Looks Good To Me - I actually like this album more than SLGTM though! listen here: )

    MOCCA - Happy Birthday

    (super sweet and catchy indie-pop with old-timey crooner influence - singer wants to work for Disney :))

    TRANSMITTENS - We Disappear

    (WeePop! release ...charming lo-fi boy-girl electronic-y goodness!)

    VERY TRULY YOURS - Things You Used To Say

    (influenced by Camera Obscura, which they admit, but with their own charm and definite talent for melodic her voice)


  3. P.S. Forgot to mention ...since you've got the Drums at number one... you might want to check out Edwyn Collins new album "Losing Sleep" ...there's a co-write with the guy from The Drums, which is my favorite track. :)


  4. hey Christine! thanx so much for the lovely words :))
    regarding the bands that you suggest:
    I dont like Tender Trap that much (tho Ive seen them live this year and they were quite good)
    The Cavalcade.. yeah.. they are wonderful, you are right. and very nice guys too.
    I love Mocca! Maybe I should have included this one, love the singer's voice and the way they communicate their music in such a simple way.
    Mighty Clouds, Transmittens and Very Truly Yours are also cute bands!
    have you been to indietracks btw? xx

  5. Hey! Sorry I didn't check back earlier ...the holidays, y'know ...thanks for responding. :)

    Would be nice to attend indietracks, but can't really afford to travel. I'm sorry you don't like Tender Trap and glad you do like the others... I should've figured you were already familiar with those artists and didn't need my descriptions, but your list inspired me and I got all eager to introduce my favs to someone with similar taste. :) Silly and presumptious of me!

    Good to hear about The Cavalcade being nice - I don't know much about them, or other favs, beyond their music. I guess because these indie bands tend to just release stuff without aggressively promoting themselves (on another forum I ran into fans of Tender Trap and The Orchids who had no idea they had new albums out... maybe that's partly why they're not on many Best of 2010 lists?)

    Also forgot to mention that I agree with you about Magnetic Fields too. :)

    Happy Holidays!

  6. Allo Darlin' AT LONG LAST!!!!!!!