Tuesday, 14 December 2010

David Gedge (The Wedding Present ) Interview

Our beloved Wedding Present return this sunday in athens! David Gedge is talking about their re-birth and his own obsessions.

This year De Castro left the band after 12 years working with you. What did that mean for the style, sound and feeling of the Wedding Present?

It's always sad when people leave the group, especially when they have been with us so long... but we always go through a little ‘re-birth’ when it happens, and this time as been no different. I think the sound has become rockier lately. Louder and harder! Our new bass player is from Switzerland, so maybe our style will become more continental, too… whatever that means!

Which is the motivation for creating music in 2010? Has that changed over the years?

I think it is more an obsession than a motivation! It was never a decision I’ve had to make... I already knew when I was five years old that I would be doing this and nothing has changed. I’m not totally sure what drives me…

You’ve been around for a long time. Are you bothered by those judging (or maybe doubting) your presence on the music scene?

Ha! No… of course not. I am never going to please everybody and I’ve never tried. As long as the people in the band are happy and proud of the music we are making, I am happy.

Your two singles "I'm From Further North Than You", and "Ringway to SeaTac" appeared on an independent film. Is that a direction you would be more interested to take in the future?

I’m always interested in doing anything that takes me off in a tangent. It’s one of the reasons why my ‘job’ is so interesting... you never know what you will be doing next.

Do you follow the current scene? Any new bands you like/would like to work with?

I do. We’ve just had Ringo Deathstarr from Texas on tour with us here in the U.K. and they were excellent. Their influences are obvious…. The Jesus And Mary Chain and My Bloody Valentine… but they weren’t even alive when those bands were around!

Are you planning on releasing new stuff?

Well, this year we have been playing our album ‘Bizarro’ live and, in fact, our concert in Athens will be the last time that we do that. We already know this album very well, though… so we’ve had plenty of spare time at rehearsals to work on new songs, which means that we should be able to release some new stuff in 2011. I’ll try and include a new song or two in the set for Greece!

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