Wednesday, 1 December 2010

FM Belfast Interview

Plisskën Fest will be held this saturday in Athens. Amongst other wonderful bands, FM Belfast will bring some of their icelandic cuteness.

Is Reykjavík a city that can bring out your inspirations and in what ways? In the city, underneath the drama and money grabbing free market people, there lies an old attitude. It's an undying optimism and a do-it-yourself type of thinking. Our new mayor is one of these former punks. It's very inspiring.

How do you feel about the Icelandic music scene? It's big compared to population. It is very varied and most people are friendly and try to help each other out.

Is electro pop a genre that can combine emotions and pure physical excitement? Yes, but so is speed metal and rockabilly.

Do you feel stage presence is your strong point? No, I think our optimism is our strong point. Our stage presence varies. It also depends on the audience. We've been very lucky with our nice audience. But we do our best every time.

I read that the members in the band now vary from 3 to 8 depending on who can make it. Why is that? Because the 3 of us have dropped everything to do this and the others can't always make it because of previous commitments. Pretty basic I would say.

Are you sure you will be able to handle Athens right now? It’s still hot here! Really? Woohoo! I was hoping it would be hot. We are in Barcelona right now and sadly it's raining and a bit cold. We are fans of warm weather.

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